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Roderick's Skid-Steer Service Ltd.
100 Slater Road NW Cranbrook BC
Rod Roth (250) 464-9991
Marla Smith (250) 464-9992
Welcome to our web site where RSSS sells natural decorative  rock, rundle and stone in BC. Stacking Lego blocks for
retaining walls, river rocks, landscape supplies, winter ice salt. All delivered to BC,, Ab, Sk, and USA
Buy rocky mountain landscape bark mulch, Koocanusa river rock, high grade marble, slate,and quartzite flagstone,
Blueberry sparkle crushed stone, Crystal White Sparkle decorative crushed, Shamrock Fisher-Peak accent boulders and
Rip Rap, Moyie Rust Iron Stone Lego blocks  & steps and Rip rap, Grey Armour  stone rundle lego blocks and more.
Stone is delivered anytime on time in bulk dump truck loads. RSSS now offers block boulder drilling for water features and
bubblers. Simply pick out your stone and we can have it drilled or choose from predrilled rocks on the floor. Depot stocks all
the LED lighting for your ponds and water features.

Map location 100 Slater Road North West Cranbrook BC to our depot and showroom

We Supply winter sand , stone chip grit and pure road salt to BC, AB and SK for all your winter solutions.

Arctic Sectional Plow  Depot and showroom  "truly the only snow plow you will ever need"  Finally a Snow Pusher that
cleans down to pavement.  Rsss is your Arctic Distributor for East Kootenay BC , AB and SK.
Rsss cares for our
environment too!! Our
delivery Trucks burn B100
Biodiesel for the air we
breath. Wouldn't it be nice
knowing your rock product is
being delivered to you on
time with LESS cancer
causing carcinogen's?
Origin of Moyie Rust Iron Stone Stackables and retaining wall rock, Gabion basket stone
and Class 1M, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 Rip rap used for many Govt armouring
embankment projects, bridge embankments, erosion control and culverts. See California 206
test results for specific gravity and absorption
< Browse, BC Moyie Rust Iron Stone. Natural lego blocks stack easy. Place steps. Design a
Kootenay Rustic retaining wall with steps or stairs.
NEW!  Rsss perfect-cut steps and stairs with Rsss rock-facing
< Buy, BC Grey Armour Stone  Rundle is stackable. Build and landscape retaining walls
with these natural  grey lego blocks.
Angular and rectangular
class 1, class 2, class 3, Armour Stone Riparian rip rap and chips
< Browse Fisher Peak Shamrock accent boulders , rip rap, blasted stone, rock rubble,
screened coarse ballast. Approved for riverbeds or sea walls in Purple, Blue, Green and
Palletized pond rock or stackers ready to ship
< Browse Decorative Moyie Blueberry Sparkle  Clean and consistent decorative crushed
rock, ballast and screenings. Our finest concrete aggregates & road base, 1/4-3/4" chips,
1-3" clear
< Browse  Quartzite Marble Flagstone and Stackers, palletized on skids. Choose between,
Gold-Leaf Charman, Grey Flagging, West Coast brown, Walnut, Blue Marble.  All popular
colors in-stock now.
< Browse BC  Koocanusa River Rock Rounds are also available in Crushed and Semi -
<Info. Delivery 30 ton Bulk Load,
< Order Rocky Mountain Landscape Bark Mulch & Bark Nuggets available in bulk loads 45
cubic yards.

If you are really serious about
driving green, or simply curious
about sustainable resources,
RSSS Reactor build class room
"the Beast"
24 inch tall stacking grey armor stone natural lego block rock
Moyie Rust Iron Stone Steps , Retaining Wall Rock
RSSS Heavy Hauler Powered by Biodiesel
High Grade Marble Quartzite Table Tops
Beautiful Greens and Blue colors in the washed samples of Fisher Peak
Igneous  Moyie Blueberry Sparkle 1 inch - 3 inch crushed
Colorfull 4-12 inch rounds of Koocanusa River Rock
Rocky Mountain Landscape Bark Mulch Installed
    FIND A DEALER          We Proudly offer the following Distributor locations!

  • Cranbrook BC, RSSS  snow plow sales div. & stone showroom... 100 Slater Road NW beside FortisBC google Maps

   FIND A INSTALLER         We Proudly supply the following Contractors in Alberta! Your construction and instalation
should to be listed here!

  • Rundle Landscaping Ltd. Colin (403)860-6419, Calgary
  • Calgay, Water By Design Kevin (403)850-0083
  • Assiniboine Christmas Lights and Landscaping, Calgary , Brandon (403)301-3300
  • Calgary, Wade McArthurs Landscaping (403)813-9519
  • GLI Landscaping Contractors , Calgary, Aaron (403)993-0699
1 ton, Ee-nook-shook , packaged on pallet, 4 feet high
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< Absolutely gorgeous BC Crystal White Sparkle. Buy it in FIBC Bulk bags or bulk
truck loads.  landscapers choice 3/4-1 inch nuggets.
decorative BC White Crystal Sparkle- one inch
Iron Stone rip-rap 2014 class 1, class 2, class 3 riprap Sale!  Pricing

Spirit-24 Stone Quarry
located at 3km Peavine
Creek Forrestry Road
Cranbrook BC
Bubbler water feature natural stone